Commercial LED Lighting

Today, we are on the cusp of another revolution with a new era of energy efficient, environmentally friendly commercial LED lighting technologies. There is an environmentally sustainable lighting solution for nearly every residential, commercial and industrial lighting need with technologies that include LED light bulb, and LED tubes in a variety of lighting configurations. Some of the lighting options available include LED strip lighting, LED outdoor lights, LED street lights, LED spot lights, LED rope lights and other LED lights for indoor and outdoor home and business applications.

Commercial LED Lighting Green Globe Photo

Why LED Lighting is the future of commercial lighting –


Environmentally Positive

LED light tubes are a direct replacement for standard fluorescent lamps. They use no mercury or lead, playing a positive role in protecting the environment. Fluorescent lamps are the largest source of mercury contamination in municipal landfills.

Longer Lifetime

LED tubes have a minimum life time of 50,000 hours or more while typical fluorescent lamps last 10,000 – 20,000 hours.

Energy Savings

Power consumption of a 4’ LED tube is only 13 Watts, as compared to conventional fluorescent lamps which draw between 32 – 40 Watts.

Intelligent Control

LED tubes have the same footprint as traditional fluorescent lamps; however, they require no ballasts. In addition, the LED tubes receive control signals and provides features like local or remote dimming, dimming adjusted by ambient daylight or automatic On/Off from an occupancy sensor.

Light Not Heat

Conventional fluorescent lamps and their ballasts generate heat which place a burden on the air conditioning of a building. LED tubes convert almost all of the electrical energy into light which saves money when trying to cool a building.


LED tubes do not require a ballast and therefore make no humming or buzzing noises.

No Flickering / No Insects

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED tubes change AC directly into DC and therefore do not flicker. Additionally since LED tubes do not emit ultraviolet rays, they do not attract insects.

Less Waste & Save More

At the present time, over 500 million fluorescent lamps are discarded annually in the U.S. LED tubes have a lifetime five times longer and generate 1/5 of conventional fluorescent tubes. Also, LED tubes are shatterproof.

Federal Legislation Issues

Worldwide, the push is on to ban conventional fluorescent tubes. Several developed countries have set 2012 as the deadline to discontinue traditional fluorescent tubes. Under current law, accelerated tax deductions are available thanks to the Commercial Buildings Deduction. Users can now write off the entire cost of the new energy-efficient lighting in the taxable year it is placed in service.

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