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Financing Available through Lease Corporation of AmericaC I Engineering Solutions is proud to offer financing available through Lease Corporation of America. Lease Corporation of America (LCA) offers innovative and strategic marketing support to our approved vendors – enabling them to close more business by offering a financing alternative to cash.

LCA’s dedicated marketing department is able to customize financing documents so our vendor’ branding is consistent throughout its own campaigns. LCA offers our vendors the option of developing promotional leasing materials as part of doing business with us. Through our professional marketing department, we can brand materials necessary to launch a program successfully and take your company to the next level.

We will work hard for your business, but we will work even harder to help you succeed. Take advantage of our marketing support so you can close more sales. Ask Andrew Brunette for examples we have developed for other successful vendors.





Leasing Menu

12-, 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-Month Term

Choose the lease term that best fits your financial plan.
LCA collects the first and last payments, then at the end
of the lease term, you can choose a Purchase Option that
works best for you. †

12 + 1 = Easy Program

Finance your solution with 13 payments over a 12-month
period. LCA collects the first payment with 12 monthly
payments remaining. *†

12-Month Easy Financing

Finance your equipment with a 5%, 6% or 7% Participation
Fee (depending on equipment cost). Two payments are
due at lease signing with 10 payments remaining. *†

Monthly Payment Example
Equipment cost: $25,000.00
Participation fee: 6%
Term: 12 Months
Total equipment cost: $26,500.00
($25,000 X 1.06 – on 6% participation fee)
Monthly payment: $2,208.34
($26,500.00 ÷ 12 months)
Advance payment: $4,541.68
(First and last month payments + $125 documentation fee)
Payments remaining: 10 Payments

30-, 60- or 90-Day Deferred

Choose from 30, 60 or 90 days to defer your first
payment. Zero payments are due in advance. Payments
begin 30, 60 or 90 days after installation. *†

All Programs:
Excludes Sales Tax • Minimum System Cost: $2,000 • Minimum
Monthly Payment: $75 • Documentation Fee: $125 • Subject to
credit approval by Lease Corporation of America • Financing
provided by Lease Corporation of America

Flexible Step Payments

This flexible lease lets you pay $99 per month for the first
six months of the lease with only one lease payment due
in advance. After the six-month period, your payment
will increase to a standard, fixed payment for the rest of
the term. *

Seasonal Payments

This program is tailored toward customers who have
interrupted cash flows due to the seasonal nature of their
business. Under this program, higher lease payments are
made only during the months the business operates and/
or generates cash flow. Contact payments as low as $75
are required during the “off season” months. *

Choosing A Purchase Option

You should educate and familiarize yourself on LCA’s
standard purchase options. If you require a specialized
lease, feel free to contact LCA.

$1.00 Buyout: This option allows you, the customer,
to purchase the equipment for $1 at lease termination.
In some states, the $1 buyout is not available.

Fair Market Value (FMV) or 10% Buyout: These
options are targeted toward customers concerned with
equipment obsolescence. At lease end, you can return
the equipment to LCA, upgrade to a new lease or buy
the equipment at the then FMV price or at 10% of the
original equipment cost.

An FMV lease has possible tax advantages, under
IRS Section 179, as your monthly payments may be
recognized as an operating expense for tax purposes,
thereby reducing your tax liability. LCA is not an
authorized tax advisor. Please consult your tax advisor to
confirm if you qualify for this tax benefit.

* $1 buyout at lease end
† 24+ months time in business required to qualify