Photo of a closet in residential LED projects.

Residential LED Projects

LEDs are the new hope for a world dealing with serious environmental issues. When it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability, no other light source even comes close. LEDs use as little as 15% of the energy of conventional lighting, project virtually no heat, and last a remarkable 50,000 hours or more. And with no toxic mercury, lead or PCB’s, they are the ultimate eco-friendly solution, perfect for residential LED projects.

“The most exciting thing that’s happening is that LEDs are changing the industry and changing how [we] interact with lighting,” says Paul Vrabel, director of Energy Efficient Products Group at Sea Gull Lighting and Generation Brands partner Monte Carlo Fan. “It’s a truly disruptive technology, probably synonymous with going from punch cards in computers to using a microchip or going from a rotary dial phone to a cell phone that fits in your pocket.”

LED lighting for the home is now possible for anyone. LED products allow homeowners to benefit from the same technology that commercial property owners use. Residential users can utilize LED lighting as part of an energy smart home. In a residential setting, when installed to our specification, LED lighting can last decades and save our customers money on energy and replacement costs.

Types of LED Lighting products for the residential market include the following categories:

:: LED Lightbulbs
:: LED Recess Fixtures
:: LED Undercabinet Lighting
:: LED Linear Lighting (Rope Lighting & Bright Strip Lighting)
:: LED Landscape