Summary of Services

Energy Management and Engineering Solutions

Initial audit, site survey and analysis preparation.

Custom designed energy solutions.

Increase monthly cash flow by reducing overhead.

Total Project Services & Energy Management Graphic


Payback and Cost Savings Analysis that accurately reflect the efficiency of our energy solution (calculating your kilowatt hours based on your electric bill).

Installing DTE Application.

Design: Custom design in lighting using CAD, conventional and LED products.


We guarantee our work.


Quality products with manufacturer’s warranties.

Reduce lighting consumption by half and in some cases one quarter.

Capable of monitoring energy usage with occupancy sensors and control systems.

Reducing our customers return of investment with distribution pricing.


The energy sector is in the middle of a revolutionary change. Emerging technologies and societal demand promise to reshape not only the energy we use, but also how we use it. CI Engineering Solutions consulting services works with clients to inform, deploy and integrate emerging lighting technologies to meet these needs.

In the midst of these changes, business owners are looking for ways to strengthen their enterprises to increase performance, opportunity, and growth. To help our clients achieve these goals, our consulting services are designed to benefit the business owners ability to minimize risk and optimize performance in this complex, and ever-evolving industry.