Photo of Parking Lot Lighting


Pole Shaft

Our square straight cruciform poles shafts are extruded from all new seamless 6000 series alloy aluminum tubing and is heat treated to produce a T6 temper. The standards may be drilled to accept side arm luminaires, in which case a matching top closure is provided. The standard may also be provided with a pole-top tenon.

Anchor Base

Cast from A356 alloy aluminum, the anchor base is heat treated to produce a T6 condition and inserted into the anchor base casting. The two pieces are joined by a continuous circumferential weld at the outside top and inside bottom of the anchor base. The anchor bolts and nuts recess in the base casting, sitting flush, and are covered by four (4) tamper-resistant aluminum nut cover discs.

Anchor Bolts

Fabricated from commercial-quality, hot-rolled, weldable-grade carbon steel with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi after facbrication. The anchor bolts conform to ASTM A153. The bolts have an “L” bend on the end and are threaded to accept the nuts and washers for leveling and anchoring of the pole. The threads plus a minimum of 3″ of the bolt are hot-dipped galvanized. Four (4) anchor bolts, complete with two (2) hex nuts and two (2) flat washers are supplied with each pole, unless otherwise specified.


The pole shall be provided with a peripherally reinforced surface-mounted covered handhole. This wire-access opening is sized 2″x4″. The handhole for the 4″ cruciform standard is placed 12″ above the bottom of the pole. The placement of the handhole for the 6″ cruciform standard is 18″ above the bottom of the pole.

Effective Projected Area (EPA) calculations are based on a 1.3 gust factor per AASHTO 1994.
Vibration dampeners are suggested for poles 25′ and longer.


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