Our wide range of skill sets allows us to perform every step of the building process in-house without our clients needing to communicate with multiple contractors in order to complete projects.

In addition to providing turn-key solutions, we have established relationships with manufacturers to lock in rates for clients resulting in a competitive bottom line!
There is so much more to what we do, so keep scrolling to learn more!

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Our Services


The electrical side of our business is a large part of what we do and a key component to achieving the most effective results for our clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable electrical team takes care of the initial installation, repair, and maintenance requirements. With the customer’s satisfaction as our primary goal we deliver the highest quality, latest methods, and great overall value in the electrical contracting industry.


In the construction world, MEP is an acronym that stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. These three technical disciplines encompass the systems that make building interiors suitable for human occupancy. By hiring us, there is clear communication among all three categories allowing for a seamless project execution. This means all three services can be completed at the same time in harmony.

Lighting Design

Lighting design is one of the most exciting parts of our business. It's where we started, and it’s the WOW factor of our company. It's where our work comes alive and with our knowledgeable team of designers and manufacturing partners, our work is of the highest quality. We take care of the installation process which eliminates the need for our clients to juggle multiple contractors. The process is completely streamlined!

Energy Management

Our energy management service is one of the most crucial services we offer in contributing to the sustainability of our environment. The efforts behind this service can not only benefit our environment, but it can also save our clients’ money (and we prove it). By working with local companies like DTE and Consumers Energy, we're able to achieve great results. Our main goal is to achieve the minimum possible energy use and cost while meeting the true needs of our clients.

Cultivation Facilities

We also design and build growth facilities from start to finish. In this service, we include facilitating the design and integration of lights that are specifically made for growth. We fully design and execute the creation of grow facilities including the needed ventilation, dehumidification, air conditioning, and irrigation to create the most optimum growth environment specific to your product. Our team is on site fully involved from start to finish.

Construction Management

We provide a construction management team to ensure each project runs smoothly. A benefit in hiring us is that as the client, you won't be managing multiple contractors and their teams because we do all of that for you. When you hire CI Engineering, you are hiring real professionals that specialize in each and every area of your project. We also make sure to communicate with you as the project advances so that you're kept in the loop the whole time!

Our Work


Here you can see a few of our latest projects including our large scale stadium designs to detailed custom lighting projects. To see more photos and to filter through each project view our gallery by clicking below!

Our Work


Here you can see a few of our latest projects including our large scale stadium designs to detailed custom lighting projects. To see more photos and to filter through each project view our gallery by clicking below!

helping businesses become more


reducing c02 emissions

One of our eco friendly solutions is to reduce C02 emissions for the environment and help our clients achieve this shared goal. We’re committed to giving every company eco-friendly lighting that reduces their carbon footprint. With our lighting plans, we utilize the most innovative products to create sustainable solutions.


Because we use LED lights to replace fluorescent lighting, we make sure to recycle old lights and parts responsibly. We participate in a safe fluorescent light bulb recycling program where all of your old bulbs will be safely discarded, so you don’t need to worry about them contributing to the local landfills.

consciousness education

It’s important to us to educate our clients oh how we’re helping them become more environmentally friendly. To start, we will show you how much energy you are currently using and the carbon emissions your lighting is giving off. Once your new system is installed, we will show you the difference!

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