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From concept to design and everything in between, CI works with all of the distinct categories of your engineering projects. This makes the installation process much easier and quicker! Request a quote today to get the process started.

Why CI for Construction Management

One of the biggest reasons our clients choose us for construction management is the communication barrier we eliminate by keeping the engineering and installation all in-house. As a result, our team of experts in the field can discuss plans with the engineers responsible for the design while on-site to work through any questions they may have without needing to worry about waiting on a response from another company or relying only on the information the plans have to offer.

Over the past few years, C I has developed a team capable of completing a project from start to finish in a professional and competitively priced fashion. In addition, our project managers make sure to keep an open line of communication between different trades through on-site meetings. By doing this, we can avoid delays, reworks, and miscommunication throughout the construction process.

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