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From concept to design and everything in between, CI works with all of the distinct categories of your cultivation facility. Request a quote today to get the process started.

Why CI for Cultivation Facilities

As this growing industry (literally and figuratively) floods the architectural and engineering field, rules, regulations, and design strategies can be difficult to keep up with. Lucky for our clients, we have had a hand in designing these facilities since they have been regulated by the state and have worked with a panel of experts in cultivation. We fine-tune formulas that offer your facility the capability of versatility woven into the fabric of your building’s engineered systems specific to your cultivation needs.
Our engineers are well versed in cultivation systems like water treatment, fertigation, CO2 distribution and detection, and security applications and layout requirements.

Our designated cultivation consultant played a key role in Colorado’s green wave and is now working in Michigan and helping lawmakers in Michigan finalize regulations for this industry, making them a valuable asset for grow facility design.
Power requirements for these facilities can be overwhelming. We work with utility companies from the beginning of the design process, so when the time comes to build, your power needs are scheduled and available for operation.

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